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Our apps are easy to use, cost you nothing and are tailor made to fit your brand

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Why An App?

Over the last couple of years both venue and customer perspectives on using an app has changed rapidly - 2/3 of 18-24 year olds are happy using them with an increase of roughly 50% in the larger audience. Not only are they environmentally friendly and a lifesaver for hygiene (especially in the current climate) but they work as a unique tool in regards to marketing.

Our apps serve as more than just an ordering platform - they can be used to sell tickets to events you're running, offer rewards and discounts to incentivise returning custom, gain insightful statistics on how well individual products and your venue is performing but also allows you to capture important data on your customer base and translate that into more sales.

Painting Your Brand

Not only are our apps bespoke in the way they're tailored to match your house style but you're also able to customise the level of functionality provided. If you don't sell tickets just turn them off or if you don't want rewards they're easily disabled. Everything is fine-tuned directly from our administration panel.

Reward Loyal Customers

What better way to reward those most loyal to you than by giving back some of their favourite products? Getting customers through the door is only half the battle, if you can keep them coming back then you're onto a winner. Devise exciting ways customers can earn points and allow them to spend them however they choose.

It's All About You

Everything from your website to your POS is entirely in your control. From adding new tables and editing your table plan to making major or minor changes to your menu nothing will take you longer than a couple of minutes - and in the rare occurance you're left confused, our staff are more than happy to assist day and night.